A: LL Schrëftsteller * innen asbl is an association founded in September 2020. It adheres to the tradition of LSV, the Luxembourg Writers' Association, which was dissolved in 2016, and protects on a political, social, legal and artistic level the claims and rights of writers with a regular literary activity in Luxembourg. More information on how to become a member can be found on this page.

At the moment task teams work on the following: the payment modalities of writers' activities, the reform of social measures (status of independent artist), a platform for emerging writers and the Marché de la Poésie 2021 where Luxembourg will be guest of honour. 

Board members

·      BACK Jean    

·      BAIL Ulrike        

·      FORGIARINI Tullio

·      GROEBER Gast

·      HAMEN Samuel 

·      JASPERS Susanne

·      KIRPS Francis

·      MUNO Claudine

·      REUTER Anne-Marie

·      RONVAUX Nathalie

·      SCHINKER Jeff

·      SCHMIT Elise

·      DE TOFFOLI Ian


executif office


HAMEN Samuel 

Vizepresidentin/vice president

RONVAUX Nathalie 




MUNO Claudine


honorary members
·      GREISCH Pol   
·      HELMINGER Nico       
·      HOSCHEIT Jhemp
    KARTHEISER Josiane     
·      MART Colette
·      SCHLECHTER Lambert           
·      STECKEL  Margret    


 activ members

·     BASSO DE MARCH Serge

·     BEURLET Jean
·     BILTGEN Raoul

·     BUTTI Romain


·     GONNER Bernd Marcel

·     HENGEN Tom 

·     KELLER Chantal

·     KRECKÉ Carine

·     KRIER  Maryse

·     LANTZ Jean-Marc

·     LEADER James

·     LEADER Anna

·     MEDER Charles

·     MEYER Roland

·     NISSE Tom

·     POHU Antoine

·     REWENIG Guy


·     SCHANK Marco

·     SCHUSTER Jemp

·     SPADA Luc

·     THILL Claire

·     TONIELLO Florent

·      WAGENER Nora

·     ZANGERLÉ Gast